Aims Of The School Including Programs

The staff aims to provide a creative, happy and safe environment where preschoolers will have the opportunity to interact with peers and adults within the framework of a supervised group. They offer situations where children will become adept at following directions, expressing themselves, accepting . responsibility and developing leadership. Children are also helped to develop good manners when they talk, play and eat.

A better education has become imperative in these times. Teaches, educators, psychologists, and sociologists emphasize the essential role of an earlier education in a world in which changes are taking place at an ever increasing rate.

Most specialists in the field of education admit that an earlier education, a pre-school education, enables
children to develop the basic patterns of their future personalities and careers. Professionals in the field
of early childhood education also state that beginning with the first day of life, up to age five,
children can learn new things easier and faster than in any other period in life.

The teachers of "Le Chaperon Rouge" agree totally with these experts, and try very hard to provide within the
day care program a real "school" environment that prepares the children for elementary education. A day care
center does not have the right to waste a child's time or mind. Children do need to play, but at the same
time they need to learn and prepare for school.

When a child who has attended a pre-school is compared to one who has not, striking
differences in skills development become readily apparent, even if both had the same
intellectual potential.
The child attending the day care would be more prepared for reading, better able
to color and write, able to listen due to a longer attention span, and most importantly, would be the more
cheerful and well adjusted of the two children.

Le Chaperon Rogue Staff:

Our staff consists of: a school director, assistant director, preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, French, Spanish, music, ballet, dance, karate, soccer, tennis, gymnastics instructors, on call nurse, cook, and housekeepers.

We train our teachers constantly. They all know exactly what to do every minute to deliver our concepts. Our staff and curriculum handbooks are available upon request for the parents to read and review.


"Le Chaperon Rouge" provides seven different programs: Day Care, Preschool, Before & After School Care, Summer Programs, Kindergarten, Private Elementary and Infant Care. The children are separated by age and aptitudes.

The programs include sharing experiences to gain ability in language, games to develop group participation, a structured reading and math program to introduce children to the symbols of written language, art, dancing, music, creative indoor and outdoor play, and special field trips.


Classes are small to enable teachers to give individual attention. In order to check the progress of students in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes, a cultural program of testing is used in addition to achievement and social tests. They are tested in the following areas:

Listening comprehension

Auditory discrimination

Visual discrimination

Following directions

Letter recognition

Visual-motor coordination

Auditory blending

Word recognition

Report cards are handed out every 3 months to show child's progress.

We commit ourselves to helping your child develop these skills and traits:

Listening and following directions

The ability to organize, plan, and to follow through on simple tasks

Management of feelings and good manners

A sense of importance and relationship between independence and dependence

The ability to make wise choices and decisions in a consistent manner

Learning the necessity of sharing and cooperating with others

Learn to appreciate other cultures and embrace diversity as part of their world

Self-expression through music, songs, rhythms, dance and music appreciation

An appreciation of stories and poetry instilled through listening and dramatizing

To discover meaning in the number system

Develop a desire to acquire reading skills through picture, sight and phonetic reading. In each program at

"Le Chaperon Rouge," the children are taught the alphabet and numbers. The children not only recognize the letters but also learn their sounds. The study is also developed through pictures and projects that the children do several times per week to make the learning of letters and numbers enjoyable. The children learn colors and develop fine motor skills through arts and crafts. They learn to cut, glue, and paint. They develop their attention spans as they take directions and by listening to stories, poems and songs.