Extra Curricular Activities

Le Chaperon Rouge offers the best supplemental programming in the area. Just as our classroom teachers specialize in early childhood education, our programs are taught by individuals specializing in their particular field. All of our specialty teachers have gone through the same hiring and pre-employment procedures as our regular classroom teachers, which include background checks, medical exams, and reference checks. Your child can continue to flourish as he/she is exposed to new ideas and skills with the following…


Your child is introduced to computers. Each child is first taught the basics of how to operate a computer. He or she becomes comfortable with the computer as a learning and working tool through group and individualized instruction which enables development in such skills as learning shapes, numbers and letters.

Computers are in every classroom for children ages 3 and older. The classroom teacher works with children in the computer center to improve the child's dexterity with the computer. Different educational games are introduced that correlate with the classroom curriculum.


French is included for all children ages 2 ½ and older in the tuition price . Learning the French language is an excellent experience for young children because it helps to develop basic foreign language skills. After a few lessons, the children are encouraged to teach others. This makes them feel important and confident.

Our French teacher of 26 years is from France. She travels to each school and meets with the children in classes , immersing them in the French language through songs, books, stories, games, crafts, and cooking projects. Our signature French program focuses on conversational French, as well as French culture.

The children learn names for the parts of the body, animals, plants, and objects in the classroom. They are taught to count to thirty, the names of colors, and the names of items of clothing. The children also learn basic conversational French: hello, good-bye, see you soon, what is your name?, how are you?, and how old are you? They often become so enthused that even their favorite cartoon characters speak French through them.

The children know the name of the school, "Le Chaperon Rouge," means "Little Red Riding Hood" and they pray before eating in both French and English. The children enjoy French because it is fun, interesting, and different.

Our signature French program focuses on conversational French, as well as French culture.

The French lessons at Le Chaperon Rouge have been an added bonus. Alex has impressed many with his second language and what a joy that has brought us. - Mother from Westlake


Spanish is included for all children ages 4 and older in the tuition price. The Spanish teacher starts introduction of the basic language, and covers topics in weekly lessons through video, audio, and hands-on learning to increase each child's Spanish vocabulary and comprehension.

This very festive language has become a must in our everyday life. The children learn the basic words like colors, numbers, day of the week as well as the polite way to ask for things and to say thank you. They enjoy the songs and games as well the history and cultural background of the language. We learn, sing, and dance like all the children from Spain to Mexico.

Music Man

This special music program is included in the tuition of all children in Pre K, Elementary School, and Summer Camp. The teacher travels to each school weekly, bringing with him musical instruments for the children to play , and introducing the children to elementary music concepts , and singing.

The following are programs that are offered at most locations, for an additional fee:


Qualified, professional dance instructors come to our schools to teach our children ballet, jazz, and sometimes tap dancing. Instructors vary by location, but all are from the top studios in the area!

Click here to view our faculty teaching a dance lesson to students


Gymnastics classes are held on location by a certified youth fitness coach. Instructors bring full-size equipment to the schools each week along with their years of expertise.


Ancient martial arts help in the full development of balance and coordination. It also improves your child's concentration and gross motor skills while it teaches them self defense, discipline, and respect. Our karate programs are centered on the basic skills of martial arts, and then honing those skills in age-appropriate ways. Physical fitness, determination, and safety are the focus of our classes.


Basic soccer skills and character development are the focus of this national program focusing on children ages 3-8. Local instructors work with small groups of children weekly through skill-building drills and games.


Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest fitness organization for children, promoting exercise and wellness for kids of all ages. Their comprehensive curriculum includes good nutrition, major muscle recognition, safety and hygiene. Stretch-n-Grow classes help to enhance gross motor skills, increase body strength, endurance, flexibility and build self-esteem.


Little Racquets is an introductory tennis program that will teach your child the fundamental skills of tennis through age-appropriate drills and games.

Swimming Lessons

We understand a working parent's busy schedule. To help eliminate some of the stress of your life, during the summer months, Le Chaperon Rouge transports your child back and forth to swim lessons during your work day! Details are available each year in the late spring.

Field Trips

Field trips are designed to provide the children with scientific knowledge and curiosity which may later influence their vocational inclinations. Many field trips emphasize safety and good health.

We visit museums, aquariums, a farm, fire stations, bakeries, manufacturing companies, police stations, doctors and dentists.