The building is a day care center by design, meeting all the standards required by law: fire proof carpet, wall decorations, doors, roof and featuring fire exits off of each classroom. As a safety standard, the playground is fenced in.

The centers are divided as follows: classrooms, 1 dining room, 1 indoor playground, 1 kitchen, bathrooms and sinks, ballet room, and office.

The building's layout is such that children remain under supervision at all times. It is also very easy to switch classrooms for different activities.

"Le Chaperon Rouge" schools have large parking lots and fenced-in playgrounds. The schools are located in very convenient spots with easy access to major highways.

Each school is built specifically for the purpose of providing the safest and best quality care available to your child. The buildings have your child's needs at the center of the design process.

Safety of the Buildings:

Each building has fireproof carpet; shatterproof glass; sprinkler systems; fire extinguishers; video surveillance; doors with security codes; and secure entryways. Each facility includes a large parking lot and at least one fenced-in playground.

All buildings meet and exceed standards for annual fire inspections, bi-annual state licensing inspections, and bi-annual department of health inspections.

All facilities participate in monthly fire drills, seasonal tornado drills, and bi-annual safety drills with the children.

Some important factor that impressed me about Le Chaperon Rouge were the security features. From the security locked front door, to the video cameras in each room, I felt reassured about leaving a child in the morning that he/she would be safe. On several occasions I remember viewing tapes from the day to see how my child was adjusting to this new environment. - Beth Davies


Each classroom is designed with half tile , for messy project clean-up, and half carpeting , for that cozy feel of home.

Each classroom includes its own bathroom and hand washing sink, spacious closets full of materials, and diaper-changing areas when age-appropriate.

Every classroom is set-up into learning centers (science, dramatic play, blocks, library, etc.) with the age and needs of the children in mind. Preschool and school-aged classrooms include computer centers.


It is very important to the owner of our schools, Mrs. Moga-Kennedy, that as we nourish the children's mind all day long, we keep their bodies properly nourished, as well.

Your weekly tuition at Le Chaperon Rouge include a full breakfast, lunch, and snack for all children (with the exception of infants not yet on table food) prepared fresh, on-site.

Le Chaperon Rouge takes pride in feeding the children with meals made from scratch with real ingredients, including: an assortment of fresh fruits(apples, cantaloupe, honeydew, oranges, & bananas) and vegetables (carrots, celery, & assorted vegetables in salad), wheat bread instead of white, turkey alternatives to red meat, 100% fruit juice (cranberry, apple, white grape, dark grape, orange, and mixed fruit), and other healthy solutions.

Kitchens are designed to have the utmost safety for food preparation. Kitchens are inspected by the health department the same as a restaurant, and always exceed health department standards.

Special items in our kitchens include things such as a stainless steel counter for food preparation, which decreases the ability to spread bacteria, and a hot water booster in the dishwasher, which increases the water temperature tremendously to ensure proper sanitization.

The food the children receive is healthy and nutritious and they have tried and developed tastes for foods that have been served at school that they would have never touched at home. And on top of all that, the place is colorful and immaculate!

---- Kristin Livingston, mother of 2

Indoor Gross Motor Areas:

Each new building is designed with a common indoor gross motor area , including an Astroturf floor and gym equipment for the different age groups. Le Chaperon Rouge is unique because not many schools offer such a large indoor play area if they offer one at all. Children need a change of environment throughout each day at school to ride bikes, climb, and just have a big space to run around.

Click here to view the students playing in our indoor gross motor area

Each building also has a ballet room that is used for extra-curricular activities and smaller, more direct gym instruction.


All facilities have outdoor playgrounds that include proper equipment for all age groups- older infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children.