Gross Motor Skills Curriculum

Gross motor skills are the large movements made by the entire body, usually associated with physical fitness activities. These skills are worked on in stages- walking before running, hopping on two feet before hopping on one, or bouncing a ball before being able to catch it.

Le Chaperon Rouge designed to provide extra-large play areas for children to engage in physical activity both indoors and outdoors. Indoor play areas in the new prototype buildings feature Astroturf floors and over 1000 sq. feet of play space. Each class is allotted double the time required by the state for gross motor activity- once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. Skills are introduced through organized play and practiced each day, such as galloping, kicking a ball, walking on a balance beam, or doing a somersault. Group activities like music through movement, yoga, basketball, obstacle courses, ball games, and others involve the children and the teachers together. Time is also allotted each day on the playgrounds for the children to be closely and safely supervised doing what children do best- play.