Our major goal for kindergarten is to completely prepare the child for first grade.


Our major goal for kindergarten is to prepare the complete child for first grade.

The kindergarten program includes mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, computers, physical education, and an opportunity for the child to begin first grade reading.

Our curriculum provides a flexible schedule with the balance of play and work activities. Also included in our program are sessions in French, Spanish, music, and gymnastics.

Kindergarten is the foundation for the rest of a child's relationship with schooling and formal education. At Le Chaperon Rouge, we recognize that it is of the utmost importance that a child not only master the skills necessary in Kindergarten, but that the child feels confident with the material and genuinely enjoys the learning process. If a child is able to feel confidence and enjoyment with their education from early on, the child will continue to view formal education in a positive way throughout his or her life.

Our Kindergarten program is very enriching to children due to small group sizes in combination with a full-day program. Children benefit from small group instruction in core areas, such as math, reading, spelling, and phonics, where they can progress at a pace that is comfortable for them. Children come together for journals, group reading, science projects, social studies lessons, and other fun hands-on activities throughout the day. French, Spanish, and instrumental music programs all continue, as well as formal gym and computer time.

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Children in our Kindergarten programs consistently show scores of at least first grade on standardized test, with the average Le Chaperon Rouge student showing scores of second and third grade levels in areas of language and math.

She brings home all of her class work, art work and crafts. I ask her questions about all of the different topics -- from animals to math -- and she consistently remembers the lessons she has learned. The fact that she remembers, tells me she is interested in the topic, and the topic is presented in a way that makes it interesting to a five year old who is now interested in going to school each day.
-Carla and Michael Bankovich


Elementary School

At our Westlake location, Le Chaperon Rouge includes a private elementary school through fifth grade. Just as in Kindergarten, class sizes are small , and the children are able to benefit from a lot of individualized instruction time from the teacher.

Our elementary school provides reading, phonics, language, spelling, math, science, social studies, geography, multicultural art education, movement through music and computers. Our students scored high consistently on nationally recognized tests, due to our exceptional programs and small groups with individual attention. Elementary school offers a care-free environment for the children with working parents. The child receives under the same roof: hot breakfast and lunch, a nutritious snack, an exceptional education program, extra classes, homework done and really fun and exciting field trips.

Our elementary school boasts the latest in computer technology for the students to benefit from, including a computer lab and computer technology in the classrooms. Spanish and French lessons are given twice per week, and formal music with musical instruments like keyboarding, flutes, and guitar, karate, tennis, gym, and art lessons are given weekly.

Children in our Elementary school classes consistently test two to three grade levels higher than their current grade. Standardized tests are given yearly to measure student and teacher progress, and as an additional assessment tool for parents to review.


We feel very comfortable with the small student to teacher ratio and the close-knit group of families that work cooperatively to ensure that the best possible resources are available to all the students. The smaller class sizes make communication between parents and teachers more personal. We enjoy having the opportunity every day to interact with our kids' teachers and express any concerns that we may have. We would definitely feel comfortable recommending Le Chaperon Rouge Elementary to anyone interested in finding a superior learning environment for their children.
--- Bob & Susan Wickman