Music and Movements Curriculum

Music is an expression of humanity and creativity that everyone is drawn to in some way. Music is taught through singing, dancing, instruments, and, most importantly, listening. Music can be used for storytelling, social studies lessons, creative expression, celebration, and so much more.

Le Chaperon Rouge understands the importance of music to children. Exposing children to various kinds of music creates new communication between synapses in the brains of very young children. We use music in the classroom beyond a typical music lesson such as learning a new song or taking instruments on a parade. Music is interwoven into a child's day. Soft, classical music is played in the background during focused lesson times. Dancing music is played during free play times to encourage movement. Diverse music is used in different ways. Music is also used to teach lesson content (a song about the seasons), tell a story (Little Red Riding Hood), or in social studies as a cultural piece (dancing to Celtic Music).

Click here to view our faculity interacting with the children playing instruments