Nutrition and Meals

Dear Parents,

Over the years, we have seen a lot of changes in the food industry and they have influenced the choices we've made in our own food here at Le Chaperon Rouge.

Because bologna and hot dogs are filled with toxic preservatives, we have substituted turkey in our sandwiches.

Also, we have switched from white bread to whole wheat bread. Another great substitution is American cheese slices to real cheese.

Our pancake syrup also has less sugar in it. I want our pancakes to taste good, but not be drenched in sugar especially first thing in the morning as we are all getting our day started.

We have also eliminated peanut butter much to my dismay. It is a nutritious food, but with all the newly developed peanut allergies, we would not want to take chances and make someone ill.

The latest change is that we switched from regular milk to all natural milk made without any growth hormone and antibiotics. This is a huge impact on our meal choices because we serve milk with both breakfast and lunch.

We live in the greatest country on Earth. With so much abundance, we offer fresh fruit and vegetables every day. It has always been an important mission for me to make sure the children at Le Chaperon Rouge get the highest level of nutrition.

I wrote this letter to give you piece of mind about our food choices. If you have any questions, please call me anytime.

All my best to you and your family,
Stella Moga Kennedy

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks:

We provide balanced meals every day beginning with breakfast served between 8:15-9:00am. Breakfast is composed of cereal, scrambled eggs, French toast, hot cereal, pancakes, and fresh fruit. Milk is served daily.

Click here to view a video on our cooking, and meals we provide.

Lunch every day has meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit. Believe it, homemade cooking is provided by a full-time cook. Milk is served daily.

Snack consists of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, cheese, crackers, cookies, juices, etc.

We provide 100% fruit juice and are a candy-free school.

It is very important to the owner of our schools, Mrs. Moga-Kennedy, that as we nourish the children's minds all day long, we keep their bodies properly nourished, as well.

Your weekly tuition at Le Chaperon Rouge includes a full breakfast, lunch, and snack for all children (with the exception of infants not yet on table food) prepared fresh, on-site.

Le Chaperon Rouge takes pride in feeding the children with meals made from scratch with real ingredients.

These healthy choices are as follows:

  • An assortment of fresh fruit-apples, cantaloupe, honeydew, oranges, & bananas
  • Vegetables-carrots, celery, & assorted vegetables in salad
  • Wheat bread instead of white
  • Turkey alternatives to red meat
  • 100% fruit juice-cranberry, apple, white grape, dark grape, orange, and mixed fruit)
  • Other healthy solutions

The food they receive is healthy and nutritious and they have tried and developed tastes for foods that have been served at school that they would have never touched at home. And on top of all that, the place is colorful and immaculate. -Kristin Livingston, mother of 2

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