Social and Emotional Management Skills Curriculum

Childhood is filled with the struggles of dealing with one's emotions properly within the constraints of a certain environment or situation- wants versus needs, actions versus reactions, impulse versus what is socially acceptable. Social skills are the most important lessons that any adult can teach to a child. How to solve a relationship problem, or effectively communicate your feelings to another person are valuable tools in life.

What differentiates Le Chaperon Rouge from other schools is that we believe in small groups, which allows us to give children more individual attention and provides a home-like family atmosphere. We take great pride in teaching children social and emotional skills to help him/her manage throughout life. Manners are encouraged, and children are taught to problem solve along with teachers for better peer interactions. Specific social skills- such as table manners, personal space, and hygiene - are highlighted at each age and development level that are key for teachers to enforce, and are reflected in a teacher's weekly lesson plan. Above all else, our teachers know to give plenty of hugs and use kind and nurturing words throughout the day whether to comfort a child, to resolve disputes between peers, or to put on a joyful smile when a child wakes up from his or her nap.

The curriculum is right on track for their age group and is presented in ways that spark my girls' interest and make them want to learn. They go to school and come home excited and happy! They have also been exposed to art, music, history, French, dance, morals and values, manners, indoor and outdoor play, and many other areas which are helping to mold them into very well-rounded little girls.
---- Kristin Livingston, mother of 2